Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Success! Karen Albright Lin

Compiled By DeAnna Knippling

Karen Albright Lin's mainstream adult flash fiction story, "Snow Day," was released March 1, 2013, by Running Out of Ink. The story is available for free online here. The author's website is at

Waking up to no job and a wife acting oddly, Donavon must unravel the mystery of why it’s all happened.

Karen Albright Lin is a professional editor/consultant for multi-published and yet-to-be published writers of fiction, nonfiction, and screenplays. She’s a ghostwriter of novels and writes for newspapers and magazines, as well as literary magazines. She has won or placed in 25 writing contests. She’s written and collaborated on five short scripts and ten feature-length screenplays that have garnered international, national, and regional awards--one produced. Her co-written scripts have been considered by James Cameron, Barry Sonnenfeld, HBO, Showtime, and the Sci Fi Channel. She speaks at writer’s conferences, retreats, and on cruises.   

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