Saturday, March 30, 2013

PPWC 2013 - Deb Werksman, Editor


Deb Werksman

Deb Werksman has been an editor at the Illinois-based Sourcebooks for fourteen years. She is acquiring single title romance in all sub-genres (paranormal, historical, suspense, contemporary, and erotic), historical, and women's fiction. From her bio on the Sourcebooks website, she is looking for the following traits in romance submitted to her: a heroine readers can relate to, a hero she can fall in love with, a credible and imaginative world, the ability to escape into the world, a hook, and a career arc for the author. For commercial women's fiction, she's looking for a strong hook and an unusual angle. She is also fond of happy endings over dark and depressing tales.

From Sourcebooks: "We like to say that we publish authors, not books, because we think strategically about authors’ careers, and we constantly promote our backlist, which encourages readership to grow." The editors and staff at Sourcebooks invest themselves in their authors' careers, and they publish more than 300 titles each year.

Before working with Sourcebooks, Deb had a small publishing press, where she put out a political satire magazine with her husband. She sold this press to Sourcebooks when she joined the editorial staff.

You can find Deb at the following places:
Casablanca Authors Blog (once per month)

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