Thursday, March 21, 2013

PPWC 2013 - David Liss

Before we get to David Liss, there's good news for those who haven't yet registered. The Early Bird pricing for PPWC 2013 has been extended to March 31, 2013! You can still get in at the lesser price of $395 through that date.

Also, our discount pricing for hotel rooms is only good through March 26, so if you intend to book a room, you've still got a few days to get the cheaper price of $105.

Without further ado...

David Liss

San Antonio author David Liss was once an encyclopedia salesman, but pursued degrees at Syracuse, Georgia State and Columbia. It was while writing his dissertation at Columbia that he came up with the story line for his debut novel A Conspiracy of Paper. He never finished the dissertation, but his novel came out in 2000, winning him three different awards for Best First Novel (the Barry, MacAvity and Edgar Awards), as well as being named a New York Times Notable Book. This would not be his last novel to be named a New York Times Notable Book

So far, all but one of his award-winning novels have been historical fiction, but The Ethical Assassin, released in 2006, is a contemporary mystery. Funnily enough, the main character in this novel is a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman. 

In addition to David's seven novels, he writes Black Panther comics, and did an edition of The Spider and Mystery Men. He has also had short works published in a few anthologies. His book The Devil's Company has been optioned for film by Warner Brothers.

David is a husband, father and vegetarian. He's also Jewish, which his Q&A states is the question he's most frequently asked (now you know, and have no reason to ask). Though he resides in Texas at this time, he is originally from New Jersey. 

He will be presenting Writing and Marketing Historical Fiction on Thursday for our add-on programming, and he's one of our keynote speakers.

You can find him in the following places:

About the Author:  Shannon Lawrence is a mom of two, a freelance writer and aspiring novelist.  She lives in Colorado Springs and is inspired by the beauty of Pikes Peak and the Rockies.  After years of letting her writing fall by the wayside, she has recently thrown herself back into it.  Her main focus is fantasy and horror and she has just finished a Young Adult Fantasy novel.  She has a flash fiction piece featured in the anthology Sunday Snaps: The Stories, due out in 2013.  She has also discovered a love of photography and enjoys photographing the breathtaking Colorado scenery and wildlife, as well as her children.  She blogs about reading, writing and photography at