Thursday, March 14, 2013

PPWC 2013 - Michael Braff, Editor

Del Rey

Michael Braff

Mike Braff is an editor at Del Rey, and is interested in sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre fiction. One thing you'll find if you read through his Twitter feed is that he is partial to high fantasy, but he isn't getting many submissions in that genre. Is, in fact, mostly getting sci-fi submissions. Hint, hint. 

Braff started out in New York, moving up to Canada to attend college for his BA in World History and Comparative Religion before taking a job as a printing intern. It was this job that landed him his first editing position with Random House Children's Books, which then led him to his current position with Del Rey. He semi-secretly hopes to be a published author, himself, and is working on a fantasy series.

Mike is a guitar-playing, comic-reading, NY Rangers-supporting, Tolkien-reading, gaming, tattooed, Star Wars fan. If you hope to pitch to him, I highly recommend you read this 2011 Five Scribes blog interview with him, where he goes into detail about things he specifically seeks and things that will turn him off immediately.

You can also find him on Twitter: @MikeBraff.

Note: Always be sure to research the editor or agent you'll be pitching to, and check shortly before the conference to make sure they haven't changed what they're currently looking for. These posts are meant to give you a general idea of the editors and agents, as well as what they're looking for, but not to be advice on who you should pitch to. 

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