Monday, February 2, 2015

February Letter from the Editor

By Debi Archibald

Hello, Pikes Peak Writers.

As I sit down to write this on Super Bowl Sunday, I discover that I find February to be a particularly uninspiring month. Winter is starting to lose its charm. I want to run outside without worrying about ending up in urgent care. I want to garden. A little happy hour on the back patio would be heavenly.

And I'm not an especially enthusiastic fan of Valentine's Day. However, the last two years have brought a mid-February event that helps put some spark back into this month that tends, at least for me, toward doldrums.

Write Your Heart Out is a talent-and-information packed event that happens to fall right on Valentine's Day this year. It's a free, four-hour (1:00-5:00 p.m.) opportunity to get a little taste of Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2015. You can interact with some of the conference faculty at the Marriott, where conference will take place in April, and you might even break the ice with some fellow conference attendees. See the "Events" tab on the website for more detail.

Conference is now less than three months away. Many of the speakers and faculty have graciously responded to a set of interview questions, allowing you to get to know a little bit about them before you start making decisions on which workshops to attend. Watch for those Q&A posts on Writing from the Peak as we step up the frequency of blog posts.

And look forward to a slightly more upbeat editor in March!

Debi Archibald is a Colorado Springs native but spent most of her life wandering both the Arizona desert and healthcare administration. She is now blissfully reestablished at the foot of Pikes Peak. She has two completed novels in various stages of editing. In addition to fiction, she ventures into humor and short memoir. A recovering foreign language geek, she is also passionate about hiking, cooking, reading and being a grandmother, the role she is sure she was born for. She shares her home with the world’s most human Siberian Husky, Sasha. You can find her at

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