Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweet Success! Marti Verlander

Compiled by DeAnna Knippling

Marti Verlander's adult fantasy novel, Elegy: The Black Diamond (ISBN 978-0-9887500-0-5 ebook/978-0-9887500-1-2 softcover, about 106K words), written as Martha Gilstrap, was released January 1, 2013 by Slipaway Trail Publishing. The author's website is The book is available at Amazon, Smashwords, OmniLit, CreateSpace, and Barnes & Noble.

Betrayal destroys master gemsman Shay Bladen’s perfect life, forcing him to flee from the remains of his home with an heirloom battle-axe created from a single black diamond. Guided by a cryptic note, he seeks answers among the bloodstone pillars in the Crystal Mountains. The note promises the secrets of the axe’s creation and its magic, a lure he can’t resist. A chance meeting with a Sheethe warrior proves his only advantage in the battle against his betrayer and the bloodthirsty assassin who manipulates everyone in his way.

But then Shay discovers he’s not who he thought he was.

Martha Gilstrap's life is filled with stories: the ones she reads, the ones she writes, and the ones she lives. Her family's oral tradition claims descent from the legendary Leif Erickson, whom her mother called "that old pirate." She holds a black belt in RyuTe® Karate and has owned her own dojo, trained on the grounds of an Okinawan, and published an international karate newsletter. She's taught Latin to grade-school children, worn a bite sleeve for a Rottweiler "attack," got thrown by a horse — twice — within five minutes, and spent New Year's Eve on the Puerta del Sol in Madrid.

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