Friday, February 8, 2013

PPWC Scholarships - A Helping Hand

By Debbie Maxwell Allen

Photo courtesy of Jared Hagan, PPW photographer
The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is one of the best conferences in the country. With best-selling authors, top agents, and editors, the weekend of April 18-21st is already marked off on the calendars of hundreds of writers.

But what if you're a starving writer? A writer trying to make ends meet with a day job (or two), while adding to your book in stolen moments? The conference price tag (though it's a great deal compared with other conferences) can seem daunting.

Thankfully, Pikes Peak Writers has a scholarship fund. Volunteers work tirelessly all year to raise money so writers like you can attend.

I, myself, am a scholarship recipient. When I applied, I didn't expect to receive a scholarship. I was surprised to be selected, since I knew I had a lot to learn about writing.

Immediate Past PPW President Chris Mandeville, a member of the scholarship committee, emphasizes that the committee isn't only looking for great writers. They're watching for writers with goals, dreams, and who exhibit potential--not perfection.

The application is easy. It's just an email letter along with a short writing sample. Head over to the Pikes Peak Writers site.  Click on the 'scholarship' tab for the details. Scholarships may be full or partial. Applications are accepted until February 15, 2013, so you have two more weeks to get yours in.

Attending the Pikes Peak Writers Conference has had a huge impact on my writing career. I've learned so much through the workshops. I've met authors whose work I love, and agents and editors I respect. Even more, I've made friends with other writers on the same journey as I am, people who encourage me and help make my writing the best it can be.

The conference this year is shaping up to be another amazing experience. Will you be there?

About the Author:  Debbie Maxwell Allen writes young adult historical fantasy in the Rocky Mountains. She blogs about free resources for writers at Writing While the Rice Boils.