Thursday, February 28, 2013

PPWC 2013 - Robert Liparulo

Robert Liparulo

Robert Liparulo was a journalist before becoming the author of thrillers, both for adults and young adults. His writing has been described as visual, high-octane, brilliant, inventive, and so much more. He spends months researching his novels ahead of time, followed by a month of getting into the character's heads. He is a method writer, needing to get to know the characters from the inside out, to "wear their skin," as he says. This involves interviewing people in the same career as his characters, but not for those tidbits we can all find online. No, he likes to get to know about their personal interests and quirks, what they're like as people, not just in the career they've chosen. 

It also involves testing things out to get a reaction. For instance, becoming a villain, talking in a certain way, scoping out houses, walking like the character, hitting someone out of nowhere to see what they do. He fully immerses himself in his characters to insure he knows them as much as anyone can, so that his characters will react and behave in ways that make sense in the writing, so that they'll be believable...real.

His young adult series is the Dreamhouse Kings, the story of the King family, who move to a small town, into an old house in the woods. Strange things keep happening in the house, something isn't right. Ultimately, the children's mother is taken. To get her back, they must work together, moving through time, and risking untold harm.

His critically acclaimed adult thrillers include Germ, Comes a Horseman, and Deadfall, all of which are currently optioned for films. In addition, he's working with Andrew Davis, director of The Fugitive and The Guardian, on a novel and original screenplay. Other adult thrillers include Deadlock and The 13th Tribe.

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