Monday, February 4, 2013

Letter From the Editor - Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On

This month's Letter From the Editor is a mixed bag of good news and bad. Several people have had to step down from their positions with Pikes Peak Writers due to life and family circumstances, which also means others have stepped up to fill those positions.

Mandy Houk, who stepped into her role as President of Pikes Peak Writers in September 2012, has had to step down due to struggles faced by some of her family members. She was eager to give back to a group that has done so much for her, but family must come first.

In her stead, Laura Hayden, previous Vice President, has taken on the role of President, a role she has previously fulfilled. 

To fill the position of Vice President, the board unanimously voted in J.T. Evans, who also happens to be our new webmaster at the Pikes Peak Writers website.

To find more information, as well as personal letters from Mandy, Laura and J.T., click on the website above; you'll find their letters on the home page of our website.

Ellis Harvey also had to step down as Director of Non-Conference Events (NCE). Our previously immediate past president, Chris Mandeville, was helping to fill in for her as interim Director, but was unable to take on the role completely. Instead, I have stepped in as Director of NCE, and am looking forward to creating fun and educational programming for Pikes Peak Writers. I appreciate what Pikes Peak Writers has given me in terms of support and enlightenment in my writing career, and I'm eager to give back. For the time being, I will also maintain my role as Managing Editor of Writing From the Peak.

These are all of the changes that have occurred. Please join me in thanking those who have had to step down, and in welcoming those of us who have taken on new positions. Mandy, Ellis and Chris are all still active members of Pikes Peak Writers, and are still a part of mentoring and assisting in many ways. For that, we're appreciative.

Shannon Lawrence,
Managing Editor,
Director of NCE