Friday, January 23, 2015

3rd Annual Write Your Heart Out

By Jennifer LaPointe

On the fence about going to Pikes Peak Writers Conference, or just looking for some great interesting and educational programming? The 3rd Annual Write Your Heart Out will take place next month on Saturday, February 14, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. This free half-day conference preview will once again feature six local speakers who are faculty for PPWC 2015. This is a popular event with limited seating, so an RSVP is required. Be sure to send your full name and phone number to to grab your seat for this free half-day workshop!

We will have a small bookstore at the event, just like last year, with books available from our WYHO speakers, as well as craft and PPWC 2015 keynote books, and our WYHO speakers will be signing at the event! And, once again, we will offer some great giveaways and specials for those attending WYHO. Even better, this year we're offering a limited number of headshots due to heavy demand at PPWC. These are $50 each, complete with CD of your retouched photos. Every author needs a headshot! We have a limited number of slots available, so headshots will need to be booked in advance via

Not to be outdone, the Marriott, home of both Write Your Heart Out and PPWC, is offering a special Valentine's package for the evening of the event. $214 will get you a junior suite, champagne dinner, and breakfast for two, taxes and gratuity included. Come for the event, stay for the romance!

For some reason recent Non-Conference Events directors have been introverts, so this year we’ve arranged for the ever funny and outgoing Becky Clark to be our master of ceremonies.

Mike Befeler 
Avoid Dejection from Rejection
The world of writing is fraught with rejection and bad reviews. How do we writers keep a stiff upper lip and deal with these negative forms of feedback? How can we turn a negative into a positive? Come learn from Mike who will relate his own experiences and those of famous authors who have all suffered the same types of indignities. Come prepared to chuckle and share some of your own experiences.

Fleur (F.T.) Bradley
How To Plot Your Novel Using Plot Points
So you have a great idea for a novel, or maybe you have a messy rough draft in that writer’s drawer. Find out how to transform your novel manuscript from a wimpy doughboy with a flabby middle into a novel fit for submission. Author F.T. Bradley will show you how to take a logline/concept and characters, and build to a strong outline, while still leaving pantsers plenty of room to color outside the lines.

Kevin Ikenberry
Kindle Worlds: Letting Fan Love Shine
Have you ever watched a movie, television show, or read a book and had that flash of a brilliant story idea only to learn than because of licensing and copyright you’d never be able to sell it? Kindle Worlds is a publication platform where an author can choose a licensed World, write a story, and sell it with full approval. Kindle Worlds bridges the gap between professionally written fan fiction and the media tie-in. In this short program, we’ll discuss what sets Kindle Worlds apart and highlight the unique opportunity it provides authors at every level.

Julie (J.A.) Kazimer
Destination: Author
With one destination in mind, Author, how many roads will it take to become one? The answer is easy. As many as it takes to get you there. So just what are the paths to authorship? Are you on the right path for your career or even your specific book? How do you navigate the publishing industry in an ever twisting landscape? Join me in a discussion of the various paths open to authors, both with and without tolls.

Cara Lopez Lee 
Flash, Not Fiction: Apply Flash Fiction Forms to Nonfiction Why should fiction writers be the only ones who flash? The flash storytelling form has plenty to excite creative nonfiction writers. Author Cara Lopez Lee will share her take on how to pack a truckload of personal experience into a tiny suitcase of a story. There's a lot you can say in just 100 to 1000 words when you focus on what a truly telling detail can do. You may even walk away with a first draft of a story in under 100 words!


Jennie Marts 
Creating an Author Brand and Marketing Your Book
Have you heard you need to build your author brand but aren’t sure how to start? Jennie Marts will give you concrete tools to help you create your own author brand and then use it to promote your most valuable tool…YOU! Learn creative ideas to build your brand and market yourself and your book.

For more information on Write Your Heart Out, visit the WYHO tab at our website.

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