Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quote of the Week, Week to Come, & Contest

"When I don't make any progress, it is because I have bumped into the wall of language. Then I draw back with a bloody head. And would like to go on." -Karl Kraus, translated from German by Harry Zohn

THE “DONE” Short Story Contest

Do you have what it takes to write a perfect short story?  Me either.  So we’re not going for “Great.” We’re going for “Done.”
Your character is an insecure traveler who is obsessed with obtaining something in particular.  You get to pick what they’re obsessed about.
An ancient ruin in the middle of a forest.  Any place, any time, doesn’t have to be our world.
Your character is about to get married to the wrong person (whether they know it or not).
Story AND PROOF OF SUBMISSION must be emailed to by midnight Wednesday, April 24
$50 Amazon Gift Card for first story received.
Two $25 Amazon Gift Cards drawn from all stories received by deadline.
No other judging will be performed.  Goofy?  Serious?  Planet destroyed by aliens, the end?  All we care about is done!
The point of all this?
To help motivate people to write, finish what they write, and submit what they write (look up Heinlein’s Rules sometime).
To take perfection out of the equation and just have fun!

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  1. Sounds like a fun contest. I'll pass it along.

  2. Do people submit it to DeAnna, or must it be submitted elsewhere and then sent to DeAnna?


  3. Submitted elsewhere, then sent to DeAnna. DeAnna wants proof that you let your story go out into the wider world and were brave enough to submit it to the possibility of publication :)

  4. I wish I'd seen this earlier. I should just subscribe to this blog, even though I'm across the country. ;) I tend to get so bogged down in the idea of perfection that I end up paralyzed and can't submit or self-publish. Eek!

    1. Elizabeth, we'll be making some of our programming available online soon, so it won't matter that you're across the country! I'll be posting more on that here soon. ;)


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