Friday, March 10, 2017

Sweet Success Celebrates Mike Befeler's newest release

By: Ann S. Hill 

Mike Befeler’s international thriller, The Tesla Legacy (ISBN 978-0-692-84423-6), is now available in print and e-book from Wooden Pants Publishing. Be sure to check it out. Summary of plot and author bio follow:

Picture a retired mathematics professor and conspiracy nut with a butt-kicking, surrogate-daughter sidekick. Elmore Kranz bombards the police with his predictions of disaster until one of them actually happens, to the point that hes implicated in the plot. Even with the assistance of his one ally, rookie cop Brittney Chase, people start dying around Elmore as attempts are made on his life. Following up on inventions from eccentric genius, Nikola Tesla, Elmore and Brittney team up to solve a hundred-year-old puzzle while trying to thwart a secret government agency and an Afghani terrorist group who seek to get their hands on a doomsday weapon.

The Tesla Legacy is a new thriller following six books in the Paul Jacobson geezer-lit mystery series, including Retirement Homes Are Murder; Living With Your Kids Is Murder, a finalist for the 2009 Lefty Award for best humorous mystery; Senior Moments Are Murder; Cruising in Your Eighties Is Murder, a finalist for the 2012 Lefty Award for best humorous mystery of 2012; Care Homes Are Murder; and Nursing Homes Are Murder. Mike also has five published standalone mystery novels, Court Trouble: A Platform Tennis Mystery, The V V Agency, The Back Wing, Mystery of the Dinner Playhouse and Murder on the Switzerland Trail, in addition to a non-fiction book For Liberty: A World War II Soldiers Inspiring Life Story of Courage, Sacrifice, Survival and Resilience.

What others have said about Mike Befelers novels:
Cleverly plotted” —Publishers Weekly
The mystery keeps you guessing.” —Kirkus Reviews
Humorous and heartbreaking.”—Library Journal

Mike Befeler retired from a career in high-tech marketing to write full time. He holds a Masters degree from UCLA, a Bachelors degree from Stanford and resides in Lakewood, California, with his wife Wendy. He is past president of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Mystery Writers of America.
Mike Befeler
562 925-6290

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