Monday, March 13, 2017

Action Cures Fear

By:  Stacy S. Jensen

Fear did not help me write this post, complete a book project, or meet my monthly submission goals last month.

Fear is not my friend. It feels more like my frenemy when ...
... the fear of a blank page stops me from writing.
... the fear of rejection stops me from submitting.
... the fear of criticism stops me from sharing my work.

The truth is ....Action cures fear.

I've heard that quote multiple times. I did my fair share of procrastinating to verify the source of the quote too. Goodreads attributes the quote to David J. Schwartz, Magic of Thinking Big.

Action cures fear. Those three words sums it up. It doesn't clear up the problem I have sometimes as a writer.

I know in my heart that ...
... Putting words on the page gives you a draft.
... Submitting your work won't kill you.
... Sharing your work may give you new ideas to shape, change, or improve your story.

We know these things, right?

How many times have we cheered on our fellow writers on social media?
Write that shitty draft. Just do it!
Congratulations on pushing send.
Be brave. Share your work.
Don't worry. You've got this!

But, the truth is sometimes it is easier to encourage another person to overcome his or her writing fears than deal with your own. Or maybe that's just me?

I keep telling myself that my draft is a beginning. It's not permanent. It can be changed or deleted. I need to write to be a writer.

I know, as I get ready for conference, that publishers, editors, agents, and other writers are human like me. I know it will be fun to be together for a weekend and talk about our work, our stories, and our goals.

I also know that someone will offer a dose of inspiration that will enough to remove fears about writing, submitting, or creating new stories. For those inspiring moments, I can deal with a little fear and my frenemy. I'll be repeating "action cures fear" over and over.

I would love to hear what helps you overcome your fear in your writing world. And, see you at conference!

About the Author: Stacy S.Jensen worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for two decades. Today, she writes picture books and revises a memoir manuscript. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and son.


  1. Such a timely post, Stacy. Love the phrase: "action cures fear." Thank you for expressing what so many of us feel. :-)

  2. I agree. Isn't it amazing how much fear controls us. Great post, Stacy. Thank you.


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