Monday, May 23, 2016

Scholarship Recipient Shares Thoughts on Prequel Day

By: MaryAnn Sundby

I heard there were scholarships for the 2016 Pikes Peak Writers Conference. Application details were explained on the website Here, so I applied and within two months I heard a scholarship was awarded for me to attend Thursday, called Prequel Day, of the PPWC. I was thrilled to be with other authors for the day and hear professionals offer time-tested ways to improve our craft. 

Two bits of advice I took home from the workshops were: Let your voice come out and polish your writing.  Though I’ve heard these before, both are important to hear again as I refine my writing skills.

The voice in my writing comes from my experiences, childhood, and attitudes that flavor each story.  As I develop setting, conversation and conflict, that uniqueness flows into my words. I need to encourage this creative side to blossom and capture my reader.

As my stories develop, I edit and edit so the reader does get bogged down with too many words, description or a boring story. I weed through every sentence and paragraph to provide clarity so the story shines. As I polish, the technical side of my writing takes over. It’s as important as the creative side.

Without reservation, I would recommend writers consider attending the PPWC conference next year.  You will learn techniques and ideas to improve your writing and will know your time was well spent.

About the author:  I write for the children’s market and have been published in Christian periodicals and newsletters. This year Ripple Grove press is publishing my first book, Monday is Wash Day. Look for it in September.

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