Saturday, March 29, 2014

PPWC 2014 Q&A - Lynda Hilburn

Lynda Hilburn, Author

1. What was the defining moment that made your realize you wanted to be an author?

There wasn't really a defining moment. I started writing nonfiction and newspaper articles [high school and college] very early. At one point, I wrote a newspaper column -- The Psychic Counselor -- for five years. I continued along those lines until I discovered genre fiction in 2004. Writing fiction was the most fun I'd ever had. I could make up fantastic imaginary tales instead of having to write "the facts." I'm not sure I would have kept on going if I hadn't sold the first few fiction stories I wrote, but discovering I could make part of my living by writing has been very exciting. Writing is the most raw and vulnerable activity I've ever done [including being a singer and professional musician!].

2. What is the one thing you cannot work without? What is your creative vice?

I can't write without -- silence. Unlike other authors who have cool play lists they listen to while writing, I need absolute quiet. I can't even write in coffee shops because the conversations distract me. Music trances me out. My creative vice? A glass of wine while I'm writing.

3. If you could 'revive' any literary figure from the past for a one hour conversation, who would you choose?

That's a no-brainer, LOL! Dracula.Of course, he'd have to agree not to suck me dry

4. What is one of your more notable or unusual conference or convention experiences?

My most notable experience happened at a metaphysical conference I attended many, many years ago. I was supposed to present on hypnotherapy and the power of the mind. They put me in a small room, because we didn't expect many people. To my absolute shock, so many people tried to cram into the small space that they moved me to an auditorium and that was full. Afterward, I sold over a hundred of my hypnotherapy CDs. That was an unexpected pleasure.

5. If we asked your friends and family to compare you to a cartoon character, which would they choose, and why?

Underdog!! Or maybe Wile E.Coyote, who keeps on leaping over the cliff

6. What is one thing would you like aspiring authors to know about the road to success?

The secret to success is -- never give up. I know everyone says that, but it's true. And be careful who you listen to. Remember everyone has an opinion and most of them aren't going to be helpful to you.

About the Author: Lynda writes paranormal fiction about vampires, witches, ghosts, psychics and other supernatural creatures. She makes her living as a licensed psychotherapist, hypno-therapist, professional psychic/tarot reader, university instructor and workshop presenter. She’s the author of The Vampire Shrink, Blood Therapy and Crimson Psyche, coming in late 2013. In addition, she has several novellas (Undead in the City, Diary of a Narcissistic Bloodsucker, Until Death Do Us Part and Devereux: The Night Before Kismet) available from most e-book outlets.

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