Saturday, March 22, 2014

PPWC 2014 Q&A - Kris Tualla

Kris Tualla, Author

1. What was the defining moment that made your realize you wanted to be an author?

When I started my first book - on a whim - and it was like turning on a faucet and my characters' lives poured out like water. I finished my first 100,000 word manuscript in just 10 weeks. Now I have over 1,000,000 words published.

2. What is the one thing you cannot work without? What is your creative vice?

I do ALL of my fiction writing on my laptop - and ALL other work on my desktop. I work best if I roll out of bed and go to my writing chair without touching the desktop PC, or opening email, or checking Facebook. Or even answering the phone at times!

3. If you could 'revive' any literary figure from the past for a one hour conversation, who would you choose?

That has to be Jane Austen. She is the penultimate romance author, and a rebel in her own way. If not her, I'd choose the Bronte sisters, Emily and Charlotte. Anne... well... bless her heart. She tried.

4. What is one of your more notable or unusual conference or convention experiences?

Creating my own! In 2011, I founded Arizona Dreamin' - Arizona's only romance reader event. Boy, did I learn TONS about authors. Not all of us understand how to promote ourselves, nor how to pitch our books to readers! Even so, our attendees have a BLAST!

5. If we asked your friends and family to compare you to a cartoon character, which would they choose, and why?

Maybe Tigger. Because I am always accused of having "so much energy"!

6. What is one thing would you like aspiring authors to know about the road to success?

Do NOT take "short cuts"! Take the time to find out how to write, get your work critiqued by people who understand the market, have your manuscript edited by someone other than yourself. And if you choose to self publish, get professional help to create a professional product.

About the Author: Kris Tualla, a dynamic award-winning and internationally published author of historical romance and suspense, writes with a fast-paced and succinct style. Her plots are full of twists, passion, and very satisfying outcomes! Kris started in 2006 with nothing but a nugget of a character in mind, and has created a dynasty with The Hansen Series and its spin-off, The Discreet Gentleman Series. Norway is the new Scotland!Kris is an activemember of Romance Writers of America, the Historical Novel Society, and Sisters in Crime. She is an enthusiastic speaker and teacher, and created Arizona Dreamin’ – Arizona’s first romance-reader event: and it’s author-focused companion:

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