Monday, July 1, 2013

July Letter From the Editor

June was once again a rough month for our local community, with the Black Forest fire impacting Black Forest, Monument, northern Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas. Many homes were lost in addition to two lives. The impact didn't stop there. Many were evacuated, staying with friends and family or in hotels. Residents of surrounding cities watched newscasts in helpless horror as the fire spread, hoping and praying for rain, for some change that might put the fire out.

Pikes Peak Writers helped in our own small way by collecting donations for Tri-Lakes Cares at two events this past weekend. The funds collected will go toward getting necessary items, such as medications, gas vouchers, food, household goods, etc., for those affected by the Black Forest fire, with neither Pikes Peak Writers nor Tri-Lakes Cares keeping any portion for administrative expenses. Our thanks go out to those who attended and/or contributed in any way.

Tri-Lakes Cares is providing ongoing services. Please check here for their current needs.

As we move forward, please keep those impacted by the fires around the state in your thoughts and prayers. They have a long road ahead of them, even with the fire under control. Recovery is ongoing for those impacted by last year's fire, so we have many needing support right now, financial, emotional, and otherwise.

This past week, the Mountain Shadows neighborhood came together to observe the one year anniversary of the Waldo Canyon fire. In light of current events, it also became a fundraising opportunity for charities related to the Black Forest fire. First responders were there, including one of our local wildfire groups, and the Flying W Wranglers sang a song devoted to those who experienced the fire.

Mountain Shadows Park was packed, with people discussing the progress of their new homes, experiences being traded, and thanks being given for all the hard work done to save homes and businesses last year.

What was shown most of all was hope, resiliency, and community. Despite terrible experiences, the people of Mountain Shadows and surrounding areas are moving forward with positive attitudes and a strengthened sense of community. This is a lesson we can all learn from, a means of hope for everyone.

July is a time of recovery, of hope, of marching forward, no matter what you're faced with. Here is to overcoming adversity.

~Shannon Lawrence
Managing Editor, Writing From the Peak
NCE Director, Pikes Peak Writers