Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From the Editor: Transitions

September is a month of transition. Students return to school, facing new demands and expectations as they tackle the next phase of their education journey. Summer makes way for autumn. Baseball wraps up and football season begins.

This year, September also brings a transition here at Writing from the Peak. After 16 months as Managing Editor, I am stepping down so that I can focus on other projects. It’s been an amazing experience, and I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to serve the Pikes Peak Writers.

Please give a warm welcome to my successor, Shannon Lawrence. Shannon writes fantasy and horror, and has completed a Young Adult Fantasy novel. You can check out her blog at http://thewarriormuse.blogspot.com/.

Shannon will "officially" take over the blog on October 1st, but I will be staying on to help through the end of the year. You can help by writing a little something for the blog. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long or philosophical – just share something with your fellow writers. They will thank you, and so will Shannon!

Write true, write well, and write on.

Robin Widmar
Managing Editor, Writing from the Peak