Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quote of the Week and the Week to Come

“Prowling about the rooms, sitting down, getting up, stirring the fire, looking out the window, teasing my hair, sitting down to write, writing nothing, writing something and tearing it up…” ~ Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens Wikipedia

Charles Dickens, born on February 7, 1812 was a British novelist who is considered the greatest novelist of his time in Victorian England. He wrote such classics as Oliver TwistA Christmas CarolNicholas NicklebyDavid CopperfieldA Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations. He died in 1870, leaving his final novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood, unfinished.

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  1. That about sums up my writing mode for the last two weeks.

    1. Ah, Robert, wishing you a better upcoming two weeks ;)


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