Friday, November 13, 2015

Sweet Success! Kelly Michelle Baker

By: Kathie Scrimgeour

Kelly Michelle Baker’s YA fantasy, The Waters of Nyra: Volume II (ISBN: 1508732795, paperback and ebook, 98,000 words) was released September 5, 2015 by CreateSpace. The book is available at Amazon.

After braving the ocean, Nyra is incarcerated by the Zealer Dragons. The would-be saviors are in the midst of civil war, and her presence inflames their rivalry. She is held prisoner with Olieve; a Royal as garrulous as she is blind, neither friend nor foe, but essential to the young dragon’s escape. Yet even escape has little promise, as Nyra becomes the center of superstition and murder. At the crux of deceit, Nyra must unearth new weapons and learn the identity of a mysterious hero. Only then can she return home and at long last free her downtrodden kin.

Born a U.S. military brat, Kelly grew up on both coasts and everywhere in between. She studied at the University of Colorado at Boulder and California State University Stanislaus, earning a master’s in Ecology and Sustainability. When not writing or trying to save the world, she enjoys drawing, theater, long walks, and new recipes. The Waters of Nyra is her first novel. She calls Colorado Springs home.


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