Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quote of the Week, Week to Come, & More Why I Write

"A critic can only review the book he has read, not the one which the writer wrote."  -Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

This week on Writing From the Peak...

...Conference attendees talk about their experiences

...PPLD Andrew McCarthy Event

...Our monthly run-down of writing news, local writing events, and helpful links on contests and publications seeking submissions.

Also, we'll be continuing our Why I Write posts, taken from notes conference attendees tacked up, telling us why they write. These will be posted each Sunday this month with the Quote of the Week and Week to Come.

"I write because...just because."

"I write because...what else?"

"I write because...I am compelled to heal myself and give away the truth to others."

"I write because...I love to dream."

"I write because...I love stories."

"I write because...I went through a period of time when I couldn't find science fiction I loved, so decided to write it."

"I write because...I feel compelled to create."

"I write because...the stories and characters are in my head. I must write to get them out. If I don't...bad juju."

"I write because...birds gotta' fly, writers gotta' write."


  1. I just posted a Flannery O'Connor quote on my blog today... "I write because I don't what I think until i read what I say" - I like 'bird's gotta fly writers gotta write'

    1. I like that one! Sounds right to me, which is probably why I'm a pantser.


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