Tuesday, April 9, 2013

PPWC 2013 - Pat Van Wie, Editor

Bell Bridge Books

Pat Van Wie

Bell Bridge Books came to be in 2008, an imprint of Belle Books, which has been around since 1999. Both were started by a group of veteran, multi-published Southern writers, so they focus on nurturing new voices and supporting long-standing authors.

Pat Van Wie is not only an editor at Bell Bridge, but is also a writer and writing instructor, presenting workshops across the country. She has published eleven novels, all for major publishing houses: Ballantine, Bantam, and Harlequin. She wrote three of her books under the pseudonym Patricia Lewin.

She is primarily looking for mystery and suspense, but will also consider fantasy, sci-fi, YA, romance, general fiction, women's fiction, non-fiction, and literary fiction.

You can find her in the following places:

About the Author:  Shannon Lawrence is a mom of two, a freelance writer and aspiring novelist.  She lives in Colorado Springs and is inspired by the beauty of Pikes Peak and the Rockies.  After years of letting her writing fall by the wayside, she has recently thrown herself back into it.  Her main focus is fantasy and horror and she has just finished a Young Adult Fantasy novel.  She has a flash fiction piece featured in the anthology Sunday Snaps: The Stories, due out in 2013.  She has also discovered a love of photography and enjoys photographing the breathtaking Colorado scenery and wildlife, as well as her children.  She blogs about reading, writing and photography at www.thewarriormuse.com.


  1. Thanks for featuring Pat and Bell Bridge Books. It's always good to discover new publishers.

    1. C. Lee, they sound like a wonderful company, and come highly recommended.


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