Wednesday, July 25, 2012

About Ruh...

You may have seen some postings on Facebook or the Yahoo loop about PPW's unofficial mascot, Ruh. For those who haven't heard the news, Ruh has a bone tumor in his right hind leg. Preliminary tests indicate osteosarcoma, which is very serious, but Ruh and his family remain hopeful that it's been detected early. 

Today, Ruh and his human, PPW President Chris Mandeville, are headed to the Colorado State University veterinary hospital in Fort Collins for more extensive testing to see if the cancer has spread. If it appears to be contained in the leg, and if his other leg appears strong and healthy, and if Ruh meets other medical criteria, his leg will be amputated and he will undergo chemotherapy and radiation treatment. 

News about Ruh's condition will be posted regularly at and on Ruh's Facebook pages: 

Please keep Ruh and the Mandeville family in your thoughts and prayers.

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