Thursday, July 26, 2012

Community Doesn’t Burn by Chris Mandeville

Those words have been shared a lot here in Colorado Springs recently.  I don’t know who came up with the saying, but I’ve been spreading it because I believe it.  Our community has responded to the Waldo Canyon Fire with an outpouring of love, support and generosity like I’ve never seen.  Our community of writers has been a big part of this.  Seeing writers reach out with offers of help, donations of books, and words of encouragement makes me so proud to be part of this incredible group.

Though Pikes Peak Writers is a global community, our headquarters is in Colorado Springs and many of our volunteers and members live in or near the burn area.  While it’s a blessing that physically all are okay, I’m sad to report that at least one experienced the total loss of her home, and several others’ homes were damaged.  But just as our city’s beloved FLYING W RANCH has promised to rebuild from the ashes, the members of PPW affected by the fire are in the process of combing treasures from the wreckage, rebuilding homes, offices and libraries, and putting their worlds back together so they can get back to the business of living…and writing.

Our recent Write Brain workshop was graciously presented by author and Colorado Springs resident Robert Spiller on the topic of HUMOR.  We thought this was a good choice because bringing humor into your life –or the life of a character– during a time of crisis can help bring levity and perspective.  Judging by the nods, smiles and laughter during this event, it appears to have brought at least a small measure of joy and insight during this difficult time – Thank you, Mr. Spiller!

For our next event, long-time members of PPW, Brandon Meyers and Bryan Pedas, will talk about BLOGGING.  Blogging can be a great journaling process to work though emotions, a way to reach out to seek and/or provide information, as well as an important part of a writer’s “outreach” plan.  Whatever your interest in blogging, we hope you’ll join us for this Write Brain workshop – as always, it’s FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Click here for details and to rsvp.

Thank you to all the firefighters, police officers and other first responders for working so hard to keep us safe.  Thank you to all those individual citizens who stepped up to help others when they saw a need.  And thank you especially to the community of Pikes Peak Writers who has shown me first-hand that community doesn’t burn.

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