Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2nd Annual Write Your Heart Out Event Teaser

By Shannon Lawrence

As the Pikes Peak Writers Conference Committee is hard at work getting interesting, educational programming together, paired with phenomenal, knowledgeable faculty, PPW wants to give you a tiny window into what's to come in April. Last year we put on the first ever Write Your Heart Out, a free half-day series of workshops featuring local upcoming conference speakers. Last year was a success, so we've decided to make this an annual event. The best news? We're keeping it free!

The 2nd Annual Write Your Heart Out, free half-day conference preview event will take place next month on Saturday, February 8, from 1 to 5 PM. It will once again feature six local speakers who are faculty for PPWC 2014. We will have a small bookstore at the event, just like last year, with books available from our WYHO speakers, as well as craft and PPWC 2014 keynote books, and our WYHO speakers will be signing at the event! And, once again, we will offer some great giveaways and specials for those attending WYHO.

Do you need help injecting humor into your writing, no matter the genre? Does it feel forced when you attempt to write comedy? Do you have a snarky character you want to flesh out? Becky Clark can help with that with "Dying is Easy. Comedy is Difficult." - Writing Humor for Every Genre. (Quote by Edmond Gwenn)

Are you seeking a fresh way of looking at your characters? Would being able to put yourself in their shoes do the job? Are you a fan of Whose Line is it, Anyway, and wonder how you could translate that to your writing? Playwright Todd Wallinger can help with that in Whose Story is it, Anyway? Using Improv to Make Your Characters Pop.

Do you find yourself distracted, finding excuses not to write? Do you itch to write, but then allow yourself to get caught up in other things instead, unable to get words down on paper? Aaron Michael Ritchey can help with that in Winning the War to Write.

Is emotion sometimes lacking in your work? Do you feel like it needs a little something more to bring your readers into the characters' stories? Do you want them to cry with your characters, laugh with them, throw the book across the room with shared rage? Cindi Madsen can help with that with Breathing Heart and Emotion Into Your Stories.

Are you holding something back in your writing? Do your characters seem more shallow than you'd like them to be? Are you writing until you fingers bleed, but finding that something, somewhere, is still missing? DeAnna Kippling can help with that with Adding Richness and Spontaneity to Your Writing by Owning Your Flaws.

Do you write crime fiction or have scenes that involve a crime having occurred? Are you seeking a way to convey a realistic crime scene in your work? Would it be helpful to hear from someone who has worked in forensics and is a writer, the best of both worlds? Tom Adair can help with that with Through the Eyes of a CSI.

This event is held at the Colorado Springs Marriott, 5580 Tech Center Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80919, the home of the Pikes Peak Writers Conference. We'll open the doors to Aspen Leaf at 12:30 for seating. However, there's a bar, coffee shop, restaurant, and gift snack with snacks off the lobby, and lots of comfy chairs to wait in until that time.

Unfortunately, seating is limited. Only those who have RSVP'd will be able to attend. Send your name, email address, and phone number (reachable on a Saturday) to You'll get a confirmation within a few days. We will let you know if you've gotten a definite seat or if you will be on the wait-list.

If you have any questions on this event, please send them to

We look forward to seeing you there!

~Shannon Lawrence
PPW Non-Conference Events Director

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