Monday, November 4, 2013

November Letter From the Editor

November, a month of thanks, frantic writing, and...conference registration!

That's right, registration for PPWC 2014 will open November 15. Are you ready?

In addition, this month is, of course, NaNoWriMo. Writers everywhere are trying to meet that 50,000 word goal. Others have set their own goals and are working hard at achieving them. Still others are happily thumbing their noses at the crazed hordes out there, determined to write like any other month.

Either way, this is a month to be thankful for a lot of things if you're a writer. Now is the time to think about the bounty given us in the form of creativity. Without the stories in the minds, where would we be? We can give thanks for writing communities, online or in person; for spouses who give us time to write, maybe watching the kids or simply understanding our eccentricities. For every yes we get we when query; for every no we get when we query, making us one step closer to that yes. We may be thankful for spaces to write, whether they're at a coffee shop, the local park, an office of our own, or a tiny cramped corner of the breakfast nook table.

We here at Writing From the Peak are thankful for all of you, and the same can be said for Pikes Peak Writers as a whole. Without you, we wouldn't exist, either the blog or Pikes Peak Writers. We hope you'll stay with us for a long time to come, and that you'll allow us to celebrate your accomplishments, big or small, or share your disappointments with an uplifting word or simple understanding.

Have a wonderful November and a fantastic Thanksgiving! And good luck to anyone with goals this month, whether NaNo inspired or not.

~Shannon Lawrence
Managing Editor, Writing From the Peak
PPW NCE Director

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