Friday, August 23, 2013

"Like" Our New Facebook Page!

Pikes Peak Writers previously had a regular Facebook account, one that needed to be "friended," rather than "liked." Unfortunately, there is a cap on how many friends a regular account can accept, and we hit that cap last month.

So now we've created a Facebook page that will allow unlimited "likes." This will allow us to continue getting information out to everyone without limiting those who have access to that information.

Pikes Peak Writers uses Facebook to get out information on our upcoming events, such as Write Brains, Open Critiques, Writer's Nights, The Zebulon, and conference announcements. We also share information on our keynotes, such as shared blog posts or news articles. In addition, the Facebook page provides a place for members to connect with each other.

If you haven't liked the new Facebook page, please join us now, and throw us a "like!"

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