Friday, June 28, 2013

A Success Post is Good News for Everyone

By Stacy S. Jensen 

Responses to good news post in the form of a cloud.

I’ve seen many writers heralding good news lately on Facebook, social media, and here in the form of Sweet Success posts.
Good news is everywhere.

By sharing good news, other writers remind me of the reality of the traditional publishing process. It involves many layers of requests (and rejections) with agents, editors, and publishers.

I’ve found writers to be genuine cheerleaders. The congratulatory messages aren’t part of a Facebook Happy world. They are sincere “Awesome!” and “Can’t wait to buy your book” messages.

We should be happy, because every writer, who gets a deal or a break before us, leaves a trail of information breadcrumbs for our own publishing quest. If we are lucky, he or she blogs about “how I got my agent” blog or shares the details in a private Facebook group conversation. These stories are filled with tales of hard work, revisions, and seized opportunities like conferences, membership groups, and social media pitch contests.

One day, I hope to have a “good news” post to share about a manuscript. Until then, I’ll continue to applaud the good news I hear from others and remember to acknowledge my own personal victories. After attending the Big Sur in the Rockies, I have a manuscript where I think it needs to be. Yay me!

Do you have good news to share today?

About the Author: Stacy S. Jensen worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for two decades. Today, she writes picture books and revises a memoir manuscript. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband and toddler.