Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sweet Success: Matt Bille

Some good news for a PPW member:

Matt Bille's dark fantasy novel, The Dolmen, will be released in 2012
by Wolfsinger Publications in softcover. Author website at

The Dolmen is a story of a clash of species: one is human, the other
is legend. When a megalithic tomb from England is imported whole (and
illegally) for a private museum in Los Angeles, something stirs. The
people closest to the tomb begin to vanish or die, beginning with the
grisly murder of journalist Walt Rivas. Walt's fiancee, Julie
Sperling, and Greg Preston, Julie's former boyfriend and Walt's best
friend, find themselves investigating a mystery that quickly turns
into a race for survival.

Matt Bille is a freelance writer in Colorado Springs. He is best known
as a science writer, having published two books on the world's rarest
and most mysterious animals (Rumors of Existence and Shadows of
Existence) and The First Space Race, a well-reviewed history of the
first satellites. He has published short stories and some 30 articles
and professional papers covering zoology, cryptozoology, and space
exploration. He is a former Air Force officer with a day job as an
aerospace consultant. The Dolmen will be his first published novel.

Congrats, Matt!

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