Friday, February 18, 2011

Sweet Success: Georgiana Hall

Good news!

Georgiana Hall's middle-grade novel, Hershey: A Tale of a Curious
House Rabbit, published in 2010 by Peppertree Press,
was featured in a USA Today article by Colorado Springs writer, Sharon
L. Peters.

Based on the life of a real pet rabbit, Hershey begins his tale as he
arrives at his new home, newly adopted from a shelter. He soon meets
the other pet rabbits as well as some other unusual and interesting
creatures, and quickly learns how to secretly explore the large house
that he lives in. Eventually, he and his new faithful accomplice,
Pepper the rabbit, manage to knock down a Christmas tree, spill syrup
all over the pantry and invade a closet full of their owners' shoes,
mistakenly overturning a container of baby powder. Their human owners
don't suspect a thing - or do they? The two rabbits, not satisfied
with exploring the house, soon figure out how to escape into the
outdoors for a brief afternoon adventure. The back yard proves to be
exciting but also dangerous when they linger outside a bit too long.
Will they be able to make their way back home? How? Who will help

Congrats to Georgiana!!

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