Saturday, November 13, 2010

NaNo Diary Entry: On Writers' Tools

I was surprised to see novelists at a Pikes Peak Writers NaNoTRYMo write-in scribbling on notebooks with pens and pencils. Especially when one writer had a functioning laptop with her.

There is no “right way” for novelists to get their stories out of their heads and onto paper. Perhaps I’m being old-fashioned even envisioning novels in hardcopy form. With dramatic changes in the publishing industry, how many novels will appear on bookshelves, in print format, in the future?

Electronic readers such as the Kindle and Sony versions are increasingly popular and affordable. I suppose one could write a novel on a computer, sell it to an e-publisher, and connect with an e-reader audience, without the novel ever finding its way onto paper.

What tools are other writers using to create their NaNoTRYMo novels? Most of us still seem to use some combination of computer and hardcopy. Deanna Knippling told me, “I'm using a computer with the aid of my handy-dandy notebook, in which I doodle my outline for the chapter as well as any notes.”

What tools and methods work for you?

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