Friday, July 10, 2015

Sweet Success! Gabriele Ewerts

By Kathie Scrimgeour

Gabriele Ewerts’ self-published middle-grade fantasy, Sophie and the Magic Flower (ISBN: 9781511842310 and 1511842318, paperback and Kindle, 372 pages) was released on April 22, 2015. The book is available at and Visit Gabriele’s website for more information or contact her at

A twelve-year-old orphan girl searching for a new family finds trouble instead on a magical island. When she becomes stuck there and her life is in danger, she realizes that life with her foster mom was pretty good after all.

About the Author: Gabriele has been writing songs, poems, and short-stories for over thirty years, and is a huge fan of children and YA fantasy fiction. She has been working on the idea for Sophie and the Magic Flower for the last fifteen years. This is her first published novel.

We love to hear of fellow Pikes Peak Writers' Sweet Successes, including story acceptances, winning contests, getting published and book signings. Please email Kathie Scrimgeour at if you've got a Sweet Success you'd like to share.

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