Friday, July 17, 2015

Sweet Success! Ataska Brothers

By Kathie Scrimgeour

Ataska Brothers’ fantasy novel, The Soul of a Stillborn (95,000 words, new adult, myth/folklore), will be released by Fantasy Works Publisher in Fall 2015. The manuscript is also a finalist in the paranormal category for the Linda Howard Award of Excellence of Southern Magic Romance Writers.

Russian paranormal investigator Valya Svetlova takes a group of American college students to the rustic village of Vishenky for a few nights of supernatural manifestations. But her visitors foster some dangerous agendas. When the occurrences whirl out of control, Valya realizes she has overestimated her competence in handling her human companions and controlling the energy seeping from the portals. Struggling to keep her guests safe, Valya faces an excruciating dilemma. If she allows them to leave the village, Valya will lose her only chance to prove she’s not a soulless monster destined to perish in another dimension.

About the Author: An engineer-physicist-chemist, Ataska Brothers marched into adulthood and realized that metallurgy enticed her as much as a burnt cookie. One moonless summer night she was spooked by cries of a loon in a fog-wrapped meadow. What if?  A writer’s unrelenting muse took hold of her. Ataska’s passions define her being. She grows orchids and writes paranormal fantasy.

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