Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweet Success! M.J. Brett

Compiled by Kathie Scrimgeour

M.J. Brett’s true crime mystery, Truth Lies Six Foot Under (ISBN: 978-0-9748869-8-5, 246 pages, e-book and paperback) was released July 2013 by Blue Harmony Press. The novel is available on as a Kindle edition.

When a struggling student accidentally sees something he wasn't expecting to see, he reports it to the sheriff. From that point on, his life and that of his wife and their four-year-old son are caught up in a whirlwind of danger. Everybody is hiding something. What? and Why? Who blocked investigation? Is there such a thing as suicide by proxy? Who covered up the brutal murders of this young family? Who staged the crime? Who burned the records? What do the banker, the mafia, the university, and the sheriff have to hide? Why does every question lead to threats? At the family's request, an old P.I. and his young protege seek to find answers twenty years later, and they find secrets and lies still seethe out from under, and their investigation becomes more dangerous than they had thought.

Margaret Brettschneider (a.k.a. M.J. Brett) went from soda jerk to ballet dancer to teacher, 21 years of it overseas, to retirement in Colorado Springs. Living on the Cold War Border in Germany brought her in contact with other DoD teachers, and the usual assortment of Aviation, Engineering, Artillery, and Spooks, military men who held back the communist incursions for years. Now, in retirement, she likes to write the true stories from these contacts plus world travel opportunities. She prefers stories she feels need to be written, and this new mystery was a cold case gone horribly wrong that needed to be solved. You can find Margaret at her website,

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