Monday, February 3, 2014

February Letter From the Editor

February means we're finally getting comfortable with the new year, maybe even remembering to write the correct year on our checks or other dated items. Hopefully, it also means that everyone has had a month to get into a new routine (if one was needed), and to have a plan for meeting any goals or plans for the upcoming year.

And if the year hasn't started out so great, it means one month down, eleven to go. Even so, this year will surely hold many ups and downs for all of us. Hopefully, it will mean more ups than downs, more positive memories formed than negative. If keeping the positive at the forefront is something you struggle with, you might consider keeping a jar for positive experiences that you can pull out when you're having a rough day. When something good happens, write it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. This can work many different ways, including keeping a notebook for the same purpose. The hope is that the positive experiences will help to battle the negative, allowing you to move forward with your goals.

To help you with your writing goals for the year, we're offering our Write Your Heart Out event this coming Saturday, February 8. A pre-conference preview, the event is completely free, but requires an RSVP due to limited space. More information can be found at the "Events" tab above. Please note: If you have emailed an RSVP in and have not heard back from someone to confirm receipt, we haven't received it! Please re-send to

If you can't make WYHO, we will still have our regular free monthly programming. For more information on that, check back on Friday when we share Pikes Peak Writers events, as well as upcoming events by other area writing groups.

Before this post comes to a close, I'd like to welcome Kathie Scrimgeour to the team. She has accepted the Sweet Success Columnist position here on Writing From the Peak. If you have good writing-related news you'd like to share with your fellow Pikes Peak Writers members, shoot an email to

Most of all, have a wonderful, productive, and inspired month. Take a moment to play in the snow and to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. February can be a gorgeous, albeit cold, month here in Colorado. And it brings us one step closer to spring.

~Shannon Lawrence
Managing Editor, Writing From the Peak
PPW NCE Director

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