Friday, May 20, 2011

Sweet Success - Carol Berg, Jen Turano

Carol Berg has sold the Hebrew translation rights for her adult and teen, mythic fantasy novel in two volumes, The Lighthouse Duet:  Flesh and Spirit and Blood and Bone, to Graff Publishing in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Carol's website is at  

Valen believes he’s met his doom when a comrade abandons him in a rainy wilderness half dead, addicted to an enchantment that converts pain to pleasure, and possessing only a stolen book of maps.  But when he is granted sanctuary in a nearby monastery, his book — rumored to lead men into the realm of angels — admits him to a world of secret societies, doomsayers, monks, princes, and madmen, all seeking to unlock the mystery of a coming dark age.  As Navronne sinks deeper into perilous winter, Valen becomes a bargaining chip in a deadly standoff. Doomed to madness by his addiction, bound by oaths he refuses to abandon, the young sorcerer risks body and soul to rescue one child, seek justice for another, and bring the ailing land its righteous king. Only in near-forgotten myth does he discover the glorious, terrible price of the land’s redemption…and his own.

Carol Berg is a former software engineer who can't quite believe her own story.  Since her 2000 debut, she’s been flown to Israel, taught writing in the US, Canada, and Scotland, and answered mail from New Zealand, Kuwait, the slopes of Denali, and beneath the Mediterranean Sea.  Her twelve epic fantasy novels have won national and international awards, including multiple Colorado Book Awards and the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature.  In a starred review, Kirkus Reviews calls Carol’s latest novel, THE SOUL MIRROR, "compelling and altogether admirable."

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Jen Turano has recently been offered a two book deal for Historical Romance with Bethany House.

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  1. Carol is a force! I have a huge amount of admiration for her and all who tell stories that are universal enough to touch people who live all around the world. Karen Lin


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