Friday, August 11, 2017

Pikes Peak Writers Sweet Success Celebrates R. T. Lawton

Major kudos to R.T. Lawton for his blog article on about his Shan Army series and upcoming story in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

"Merit Making," 4th in my Shan Army series, set in the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia, concerns two half brothers in an on-going competition for their warlord father's opium empire. In this story, their father has called a gathering of all the rival warlords for a merit making ceremony to honor those soldiers lost in past opium wars. But before the Buddhist priests can begin the rituals, a dying man staggers into the mountain jungle camp with a deadly secret. Some at the gathering want him dead before he can pass on this secret.

R.T. Lawton has over a hundred published short stories, to include 38 sold to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. The 10th in his Holiday Burglar series, "Black Friday," will be out in AHMM's Nov/Dec 2017 issue.

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