Monday, September 5, 2016

September Letter from the Editor

This is getting ridiculous. Didn’t I just write August’s letter? And now it’s time for September? Time flies isn’t a cliché, it’s a fact, and if you’re wondering what Pikes Peak Writers has been up to, I can attest that the organization has been up to--a lot. Take for instance, our brand new redesigned website go here or that, once again, it’s time for published and unpublished alike to get those entries ready. Because guess what? The Zebulon officially opens September 15. Want information about the contest? go here  (Note: The Zebulon is different than any writing contest out there).  Moreover, winners and finalists will be acknowledged at the 2017 Pikes Peak Writers Conference – now in our 25th year. Oh, and our 25th conference is going to be BIG – just sayin’.

Let’s see, what else? Elections are coming up this month, and the organization is always in need of volunteers. This week, in addition to our regular columns, you'll see M.B. Partlow has written some articles about what positions are open. As someone who volunteers for Pikes Peak Writers, I can promise you’ll get more than you give – friendship, support, a sense of accomplishment and belonging.

Interested in serving on the board or volunteering for the organization? Contact J.T. Evans at

As you can see September is b-u-s-y, and so, too, is the blog. Catherine Dilts returns with her continuing series on ergonomics; Deb McLeod, the Writing Coach is back; Dawn Smit, Zebulon Contest Coordinator explains the contest and why YOU should enter; K.L. Cooper writes what you should do if you want to KILL a book launch; Dear Annie is back with scads of writerly advice; and two new columnists join us: Writer and Librarian Summer Greenwood presents Through the Eyes of a Librarian; and Writer and Instructor Jason Evans, who presented July’s Write Brain on Writing African-American Characters, has agreed to write a monthly history column beginning this month!

So much going on!  So many articles I've yet to squeeze in. I know, since there's an election coming up, I vote to add more days to September. No? All right, I'll just have to make do. What can you do to help me? Be sure to tune in.

Here's to a safe Labor Day and great September.

About the author: Donnell Ann Bell is the managing editor for Writing from the Peak, the coordinator for the monthly Open Critique held on the first Wednesday of every month, and one of Pikes Peak Writer's board members at largeShe is a best selling romantic suspense and mystery author. To learn more about her books, find her at


  1. I see a lot of familiar names on upcoming calendar. Can't wait to catch up with all. Happy New Month!

  2. Oh, Kait, I'm delighted you tune in. We have so many great articles this month, I'm like a kid at Christmas who has to resist publishing them all at once! And that Cathy Dilts and her ergonomics...every time I sit at my keyboard know an inner voice shouts, "Quit slouching!" :)


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