Friday, July 8, 2016

Sweet Success Celebrates Uncanonical Magic by Carol Berg

By Kathie Scrimgeour

Uncanonical Magic, an adult fantasy by Carol Berg, was released in May 2016 (Issue 10, Spring 2016) by Pulp Literature Press (short story, ASIN  B01F454N8A, adult fantasy, 8400 words, ebook and paperback,

 A fantasy detective story, set the world of her Collegia Magica series. High Constable Hue de Paien's investigation could cost him more than just his knees.

More from Pulp Literature Press’ website: Follow Hue de Paien, the High Constable whose detective work could cost him more than just his knees in Carol Berg’s ‘Uncanonical Murder’;
“Berg’s world, redolent of medieval France, is populated with living, breathing characters. … it’s clear the depth of thought she has brought to her creation. Her prose is clear and uncluttered. ‘Uncanonical Murder’ is also a decent mystery, something I’ve seen too many sci-fi and fantasy writers forget to succeed at.” – Fletcher VredenburghBlack Gate

Visit Carol’s website for more on all her publications.
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Available on (electronic version) and Pulp Literature Press (paperback):

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  1. Cool! A fantasy detective novel. Good luck with this book. I've joined this beautiful blog. All the best!


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