Monday, October 5, 2015

October's letter from the editor

Communication: The act of imparting information. A writer’s very existence and happiness hinges on the desire to do just that. From the days of the caveman when communication was accomplished by etching drawings on the inside of a cave, human beings have been driven by storytelling.

I submit that if the Internet blew up tomorrow, computers failed to exist, typewriter ribbons were sold on the black market and paper and pen became a rare commodity, humans, with their innate need to weave tales, would fashion some way to keep going.  

Now that I think about it, they’d probably join Pikes Peak Writers. Because a whole lot of folks in our organization would rather create their fantastical tales than do anything else. Dare I back up my comments with proof? Just stay tuned for this month's blog. October is chock full of information and insights.  

Writing Coach Deb McLeod is back on First Wednesday to share her expertise. As promised J.T. Evans reaches out to the membership through Ask the Prez. We’ll cover contest wins, rethinking goals, and why protecting our health is a writer's ultimate arsenal. Naturally, we couldn’t omit topics on craft. This month we have two stellar articles on world building and theme, and we never forget to celebrate the Sweet Successes of our members most every Friday. Further, I hate to be a nag, but have you entered The Zebulon yet? The deadline is November 1.

I love reading these articles submitted by our members. They share valuable insights. Moreover they’re such great communicators. But then why wouldn’t they be? They’re writers.

Happy October.

About the author: Donnell Ann Bell is the managing editor for Writing from the Peak and the coordinator for the monthly Open Critique held on the first Wednesday of every monthShe is a bestselling romantic suspense and mystery author. To learn more about her books, find her at