Friday, September 11, 2015

Sweet Success! Peter M. Klismet, Jr.

By Kathie Scrimgeour
Peter M. Klismet’s third book, “FBI Diary: Home Grown Terror,” (ISBN: 978-0986422331, AISN: B00XULEKWU, 314 pages), recently won 1st prize for non-fiction books at the National Public Safety Writers convention in Las Vegas. Published by Global Publishing Inc., the book was released in May of 2015 and with received favorable reviews.

Klismet chronicles the riveting true story of the assassination of Cortez Police Officer, Dale Claxton in May of 1998 and the resultant shootout and search for three anti-government extremists which was not concluded for nearly a decade.

Klismet served his country with two tours in Vietnam on submarines. Following military service, he earned a college degree, and then worked for the Ventura Police Department in Southern California. While there, he attended graduate school, earning two master’s degrees. He was offered and accepted an appointment as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In a twenty-year career with the FBI, the author was highly decorated, receiving numerous awards and recognition from the FBI including the National Law Enforcement Officer of the Year. After he retired from the FBI he accepted a position as Associate Professor and Department Chair of a college Criminal Justice program. Having now retired from that, Pete and his wife Nancy live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.