Monday, June 1, 2015

June Letter from the Editor

By Debi Archibald

It's probably safe to apply the same advice that tells us not to start our stories with the weather to blog posts. Yet it's nearly irresistible today when there is finally enough sun to splash shadows across the sidewalks and a garnet-colored songbird is serenading me from the bush right outside my office window. The variety of birdlife here in Colorado has really been a revelation to me. I hale from Arizona, and in the desert every winged creature was either a sparrow, a finch or if it was really big, a crow. (This is more a demonstration of my lack of avian knowledge than the actual scarcity of the bird population in the desert Southwest.) When our Colorado Springs weather was doing its best to mimic the climate of the Pacific Northwest over the last couple of weeks, my neighborhood enjoyed a migration of all sorts of wildly colored birds. I told my grandkids it was like watching Rio in my own backyard. Now I can add tanagers and orioles to the list of a half-dozen birds I can actually identify.

So now that I have broken the rule about starting off with the weather, and then doubled my sins by not starting my story at the beginning, I'll get down to business.

Shannon Lawrence handed Writing from the Peak off to me over a year ago and it truly has been a rewarding experience. Editing the blog has afforded me the opportunity to interact with many PPW authors whom I would not normally have met, as well giving me a sneak peak at a lot of valuable teaching and advice.

And now it's time to hand the baton off again. Donnell Bell will be assuming the editorship of the blog some time in July when her plate is a little less overloaded than it is at the moment. Donnell brings a great deal of publishing experience as well as an extensive network in the writing community, both of which will contribute to keeping your blog vital and fresh.

Thank you for the experience. It has been an honor and a privilege.

About the Author: Debi Archibald is the outgoing editor of Writing from the Peak and the author of two novels, Form and Function and Crushed. She is also passionate about gardening, reading, and hiking, but most particularly about grandmotherhood, the most gratifying do-over around. Find her at

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