Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thank You, PPW!

By Renee Christine Martine 

Thank you, Pikes Peak Writers, for the very informative annual writers conference this April 2015. As a scholarship attendee, volunteer, first-timer and new author, I would say to those interested in gaining critical information, advisories, and the opportunity to co-exist with other fellow writers that PPW is the place you should be; not only for their annual conference, but their support allegiance as well. 

As a new writer, I have to admit I listened and laughed at this conference. I laughed, because I learned that my protagonist has to really go through the ringer to gain an audience and mine had not even scratched the surface. One of the best lectures I attended at this conference was "Reading like an Editor—Edit Your Novel Like a Pro" by Bree Ervin. This session gave me an inside scoop on what editors want to see to help an author avoid the bucket drop, and gain an audience. After the conference, I came to the conclusion that the build up momentum surrounding my main character had some very important pieces missing from the story—she was not hanging on the edge by her fingernails, like we want our readers to do. This session was SO informative. Bree was very easy to understand, authoritative, fun, and she delivered!

As a new resident to Colorado Springs, I haven’t had much opportunity to met many people I can call friends. The Pikes Peak Writers group is very inviting, helpful, assertive, and I really enjoyed meeting new people at the conference who were there to do the same things I was —learn, grow, write, succeed. I gained a new friend while there, and this is so important; a new friend with something in common—bonus!

In addition to the three-day conference, PPW provides a Prequel day which I attended. While the Prequel didn’t have the claws the following three days did, it still packed a punch in my dilemma writers card, and I left a very satisfied and eager pupil. Armed with a super fun swag bag, notebook, classes to attend, lunch, note treasures to take home, oh and Starbucks in the lobby, I could not have asked for a better day. Next year I will certainly take PPW up on their very affordable payment plan so that I can experience the full enchilada!

Thank you so very much, PPW, for your gracious scholarship gift, and for being there for all the writers who have benefited from the expertise you brought to the table. I very much look forward to not only 2016’s conference, but the monthly “Write Brain” and “Open Critique" events you provide. These free classes are the cherry on top of your dedication in aiding writers to be their best, and succeed!

In much appreciation,

Renee Christine Martine

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