Friday, May 23, 2014

Sweet Success! K. Michelle Lindstrom

Compiled by Kathie Scrimgeour

K. Michelle Lindstrom’s self-published memoir, Finding Rodolfo, (ISBN: 1495222985, Kindle, 337 pages), was released on December 29, 2013 and is available on Amazon.

Kristi was an ambitious lawyer for a top American firm. Until, after a medical complication and near her deathbed she decided there had to be more to life than a loveless existence practicing law. Enrolling in the prestigious Cordon Bleu school in Paris, she soon would find just how much more to life there could be. Her journey of self discovery leads to a world filled with the pleasures of food, wine, and love, the types of which could only be found in the city of lights.

We love to hear of fellow Pikes Peak Writers' Sweet Successes, including story acceptances, winning contests, getting published and book signings. Please email Kathie Scrimgeour at if you've got a Sweet Success you'd like to share.

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  1. I read Finding Rodolfo and loved it. It's fun, it's exciting, and it has recipes.


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