Friday, April 19, 2013

The PPWC 2013 Couldn't Come Soon Enough!

By Charise Simpson

The Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2013 is finally here and already the ideas are flowing out of me and onto the page. Not only do I know that I will find inspiration in each and every new person I meet, but I’m so excited that I’m going to a conference where I not only know people, I can rest assured they won’t contort themselves into awkwardness when I ask “Is this seat taken?” To these people, everyone is interesting, and everything is material.

In my former life, I was an IT executive. I’m female, tall, blonde, and I enjoy the challenge of public speaking. Granted, in a normal setting, I’m socially anxious and awkward, but in the world of IT, I’m the Penny character amongst the boys from The Big Bang Theory. As a female who likes to wear fashionable clothes, I’m like an alien being in the IT world, and as a person who can schmooze with the other execs, I’m essentially a Rock Star with magical powers, someone to be studied and feared, not befriended, let alone conversed with.

But, I digress. At the PPWC, I know I’ll bump into some of the warmest, friendliest people who are genuinely interested in connecting and collaborating in the name of their craft. Critique groups and sharing are the name of the game. Learning from and inspiring each other is the food we’ll eat for lunch. And we’ll even talk to each other as we eat!

I can’t wait to see what color M.B. Partlow’s glasses are, or what Becky Clark’s latest funny of the day will be, or if Ellis Harvey is wearing Robert Crais’ shirt. Just seeing Michelle Baker will make me smile, because we always laugh together, and she has great music. Susan Mitchell and Deb Courtney will surely get me sent to the principal's office, but it will be so worth it. (I wouldn’t want to make Bonnie Hagan angry after all the great work she has done putting the PPWC together. She’s an awesome leader, and I bow at her feet. Besides, I’m on her good side right now.) I’ll have to spend time with M.K. Meredith so I can get over my shyness when it comes to those naughty romance scenes. And, of course, I’ll hang out with Chris Mandeville and hug her a lot. She’s always made me feel so welcome there, and, besides, if I get close enough to her, often enough, maybe I can absorb some of her knowledge and cool leadership style. 

Nope this conference is not costing me energy. It’s fueling my energy, my creativity and my passion for my new love – writing. Now how can anyone go wrong with that? Especially when the return on my investment in these people will continue the rest of my life….

About the Author: Charise, a recovering Information Technology executive, is currently indulging in the fun side of writing after spending fifteen years writing functional specifications and user manuals for customized software applications. She has written humorous pieces for local clubs and is also a published cartoonist. She is currently writing a memoir as well as humorous short stories. She loves spending time with her husband and two children in their Colorado home, and on the slopes of Mary Jane.   

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