Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Success! G.T. Harper

G.T. Harper's adult thriller novel, Bering Storms (ISBN: 978-1-891331-38-1, trade and ebook, 398 pages) will be released November 19, 2012, by Nebbadoon Press. The book will be available from the publisher and via Kindle and Nook.

King crab fishing. Murder. Hidden bunker. Beautiful pilot. In the Bering Sea, work is not always the deadliest worry. Off the coast of Alaska, former Coast Guard Investigative Service Special Agent Max Sinclair is working for his uncles as a fisherman on their king crab fishing boat. Unbeknownst to them, five members of their crew are involved with the Russian mob, which is tracking the crab boat from a heavily armed fishing trawler. A Coast Guard cutter and its Dolphin helicopter, co-piloted by Max's former girlfriend, are searching for a capsized fishing boat. And one of the disloyal crewmen has an agenda of his own--which includes murder. The action plays out on the fishing boats, the Coast Guard cutter, and the helicopter as well as in an abandoned underground bunker on Kiska Island, which was occupied by the Japanese during World War II, and in the freezing waters of the Bering Sea.

Before a career as an English teacher, G.T. Harper traveled the world writing articles about his adventures for major magazines and newspapers. He also worked on a king crab fishing boat and in a county jail, drove a taxi, worked as a bike messenger, and studied jujitsu in Japan. He now shares his time between California and Colorado, busy enjoying his greatest challenge: raising two teenage sons. Bering Storms is his first novel.

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