Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Success!

DeAnna Knippling's collection of middle-grade short stories written as De Kenyon, Tales Told Under the Covers: Zombie Apocalypse & Other Stories (ISBN 978-1-4659-8959-8, 162 pages, ebook and trade paperback) was independently published in October 2011 by Wonderland Press.  The book is available from all major online bookstores.  The author's website is at

Ten tales of death, invasions from other realms, bullies, babysitters, liars, and the brave kids who fight back. Zombie girls who have to hide, lest they get eaten by bigger zombies. Food that bites back. Wizards who are scared of their own power. Murdered (and murderous) pets. Secret superpowers. And that last, great voyage into the unknown. Stories to be whispered under the covers, by flashlight. Stories to be read by firelight to the robots who come out of the woods. Stories to be told when the witches are ready to eat you but want to hear just one more story before they shove you in the oven. Creepy Stories. Fantastical Stories. Weird Stories.

De Kenyon likes to cook and eat weird food that tastes good but grosses people out when they find out what’s in it, like chocolate truffles with fish sauce, fish heads, and tongue sandwiches. Her next gross-food project is going to be finding a tasty way to cook brains, which she will then feed to her daughter. She does karate with her daughter now, just in case zombies attack or her daughter gets mad about something she’s eaten. Under her other name, DeAnna Knippling, she has written Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse, a pick-your-own-path comedy adventure about brains, purple mold, and the undead in which you die...but you might just save the world.