Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Success! - Mandy Houk, Laura Hayden

Mandy Houk's creative nonfiction article, "It's the Little Things," will be published online in Fall 2011 by Christianity Today /  The author's website is at

The article will list creative ideas for romantic gifts and dates on a budget.

Mandy Houk is a freelance writer and editor, home schooling mom, and high school creative writing teacher. She's sold several nonfiction articles and stories and placed in a couple of short fiction contests, but she has yet to break into book-length fiction. She is currently working on her second novel, Things We Leave Behind. It's a literary/mainstream tale of a brother and sister trying to mend their broken family--but first, they have to track down their runaway dad.

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Nicole "Coco" Marrow and Laura Hayden's urban fantasy novel, Angel (ISBN 978-0765330239 softcover/hardcover/trade/ebook), will be released on September 13th by Tor/Forge.  The author's website is at  The book will be available from online and brick-and-mortar bookstores and from the Author, Author! store.

Moments before a New York-bound plane goes into a nosedive a beautiful passenger awakens with no idea who she is. Miraculously she survives and is dubbed “the Angel of the Hudson,” but remains confused even when it’s learned her name is Angela Sands.

Reporter Dante Kearns is stunned by Angela’s ability to hear men’s thoughts and how, when a man gets close, she transforms into the woman of his dreams. But Angela shocks Dante with yet another disclosure: she believes she was murdered and now inhabits the body of a stranger….

2012 PPWC Conference Director Laura Hayden started writing in 1990 and celebrated her first sale shortly after attending the first Pikes Peak Writers Conference.  Since then, she's attended all but one PPWC and sold twelve more books and four short stories.  Although she lives in Alabama, her heart is in Colorado and she tries to follow her heart whenever possible, especially when she gets frequent flyer miles for the effort.

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