Thursday, December 9, 2010

PPW Book Signings--This Weekend!

Need help finding the perfect gift? Look no further than PPW's book signings this weekend!

Our community partner BORDERS is hosting a huge fundraiser to benefit PPW December 11th and 12th! It includes donating a portion of all sales made with a PPW voucher (link to voucher is below for in-store, and a code to use online if that's how you'll shop) plus hosting eight different booksignings--four on Saturday, and four on Sunday.

If you've got any book shopping to do, it couldn't be easier to help PPW at the same time, and it won't cost you anything additional.

All you do is purchase a book, cd, calendar or such through Borders using the PPW Voucher, and a portion of your purchase price will be donated to PPW! It costs you nothing extra, but it helps PPW tremendously.

You can purchase online at using the online promo code "PPWR1211Y" or if you're in Colorado, please come to one of the author booksignings. (See for the schedule of authors and locations.) Note that almost all purchases are eligible--you don't have to buy the books being signed. And you can still use any regular coupons and Borders Rewards discounts!

We hope you'll help out by sending the fundraiser information along to your contacts. If you can attend a signing and/or make a purchase, that would be fantastic, too!

***IMPORTANT*** Don't forget to use the voucher when you purchase. It's easy to download it at

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