Friday, April 29, 2016

Sweet Success Celebrates Natalia Brothers, The Bride's Vestige

By: Kathie Scrimgeour

Natalia Brothers’ dark fantasy short story, “The Bride’s Vestige” (ASIN B01CUVBF5A, 17 pages, Amazon Digital Services) was released March 10, 2016 on Kindle.

Peter Moss ignores little mishaps that start happening to him after he pockets an antique locket he discovered at a disturbed gravesite. Dark local folklore surrounds the grave, but Peter, a rational college student, doesn’t believe in curses.

His nonchalant mindset crumbles when he learns that the locket could be the same as the one featured in a portrait of a beheaded woman. Fascinated and mortified, Peter rushes to see the painting. But whether or not mystic forces are behind the incidents, his intent to uncover the jewelry’s history might be the worst decision of his life.

Born in Moscow, Natalia grew up with the romance and magic of Russian fairy tales. She never imagined that one day she’d be swept off her feet by an American Marine. An engineer-physicist-chemist, Natalia realized that the powder metallurgy might not be her true calling when on a moonless summer night, she was spooked by cries of a loon in a fog-wrapped meadow. What if, a writer’s unrelenting muse, took hold of her. Two of her passions define her being. Natalia is an orchid expert and she writes dark fantasy. -Email: -Website


  1. What an excellent read. Natalia, you had me flipping pages faster than a fan on high! Well done.


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